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In accordance with the Italian Legislative Decree n° 196/2003 (Data protection code).
The data controller of ECO-RICICLI VERITAS SRL with its offices in Malcontenta (Venice, Italy) in Via della Geologia, ex Area 43, Tax Code: 03643900230, in the person of its legal representative Mr. Salvagno Vittorio (Architect) born in Venice (Italy) on 13/06/1949, who wishes to protect the confidentiality of personal data in the best way possible, guarantees full compliance of the current legislation on the subject of the protection of personal data in accordance with both the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Privacy Code) and the implementing rules issued by the Italian Data protection authority.

Moreover, the personal data acquired will be stored either on the company’s own or on a third-party protected server or database.
The data controller adopts all the opportune precautions and security mechanisms intended to safeguard the privacy, integrity, completeness and the availability of the interested party’s personal data. Adequate technical, logical and organisational measures have also been developed in accordance with the indications provided by the legislator, which are aimed at preventing the damage, loss (also of an accidental nature) or alteration of the data acquired, as well as avoiding the improper use and disclosure of the processed information. Please note that the acquisition and processing of personal data will be carried out by the data controller exclusively to the extent strictly necessary in pursuit of the following purposes:
a) Fulfilment of obligations set forth by law, regulations and generally, by national and/or community legislation, as well as by indications given by authorities empowered to do so by law or by supervisory and control bodies;
b) The carrying out of the necessary activities or those relating to the supply of telematic services and offers provided by the user’s website, or rather regarding the conclusion, management and execution of purchase contracts of products and/or services through the website;
c) The registration or creation of a user account for necessary purposes or those relating to the fulfilment of the requests formulated, from time to time, by the user through the website or by e-mail or by means of any other available means of communication;
For the abovementioned purposes, the user may be required to provide some personal data such as: name and surname, address, e-mail, as well as, where necessary, invoice data, financial information (e.g. credit/debit card number and other invoice data) together with geo-location data.
In relation to the services rendered to the user, the personal data provided can be communicated to other individuals, in their capacity as managers and/or independent data controllers, including, in particular: credit card-issuing institutes, couriers, Poste Italiane S.p.A. (Italian Postal Service Provider), or any other public or private entities which provide instrumental services in order to fulfil the user’s request.

Web cookies can be defined as small text strings that the websites visited by the user send to his/her computer terminal (usually to the browser), where they are stored and then re-transmitted to the same websites the next time the same user visits them. The data controller of this website uses cookies and/or other similar IT tools in order to allow and optimise the display of the web pages and the elements contained in them, or rather, for statistical purposes in an absolutely anonymous form.

The information collected in this way could concern, by way of example:
a) The type of browser used (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox …);
b) The name of the website from which the user accesses internet;
c) The website from which the user has reached our Website;
d) The date, time and area in which internet was accessed;
e) The webpages that have already been visited.

Si dà atto che il presente sito web NON utilizza cookie propri a fini di profilazione, pubblicità o geo-localizzazione oppure altri analoghi strumenti informatici volti ad acquisire dati dell’utente a meri fini pubblicitari.

It is acknowledged that this website does NOT use its own cookies for profiling, advertising or geo-location purposes or any other similar IT tools intended to acquire the user’s personal data for mere advertising purposes.

In any case, the user can change his/her cookie settings by modifying the internet browsing options of his/her own browser, in accordance with the methods and within the allowed limits of the same. The changing of the browser parameters can be carried out exclusively by selecting the following option: “Internet Options” or “Preferences” from the “Tools” or “View” or “Edit” and then select the following option: Either “Privacy”, “Protection” or “File Download” and from here choose your favourite settings. Considering the variety of browsers currently in use, it is, in any case appropriate, to refer to the specific instructions and manuals relating to each web browser.

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Google - Google Analytics statistical tools used by this website in an anonymous and aggregated form (Google Analytics shall not be held responsible under any circumstances for being used in a different manner other than that which Google itself would use) Per negare il consenso all’utilizzo dei dati relative a Google Analytics:
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