Management, collection, selection and recovery of recycling waste
Riciclo - how to do it
how to do it

In the area managed by the Veritas Group, the container for the collection of "multi-material" (if the "door to door" collection service is not active), which includes glass, plastic and cans (VPL), is a green bell-shaped container. As for paper and cardboard, the container is yellow. The role of citizens is very important In order to improve recycling. Citizens are the ones who begin the process of separation of waste at home, at school or at work when they decide where to put a can, a glass bottle, a plastic container or a cardboard box.

For this reason, they should know what to do in a simple, direct and understandable way. First, there are three basic rules:

> The waste should be cleaned: it should be empty and possibly crushed to reduce the volume.
> The waste should not be abandoned: it should always be placed in the recycling containers, following the calendar of collection when the service is "door to door".
> The waste should be carefully thrown: a small amount of not compatible material mistakenly put in the containers can make everything else not recyclable (such as ceramic with glass).

At this point, it is essential to know which material can be recycled and which cannot. Below there is a quick and easy list to consult in order to remove all doubts.

Glass, plastic and cans (VPL)

- Packaging of glass, plastic or metal
  (containers used for the sale and transport of products)
- Cans
- Clean Jars and pots clean
- Bottles
- Dispensers
- Clean rigid containers for yogurt, ice cream and food
- Aluminum foil and trays
- Cellophane and plastic bags
- Packaging (snacks, chips and crackers)
- Plastic packaging for eggs
- Plastic crates
- Clean plastic tableware
- Plastic flowerpots

- Glasses made of glass
- Porcelain and ceramics
- Carboys
- Mirrors and glass plates
- Tetra Pak containers for food and beverages
  (fruit juice, milk, wine)
- Rubber
- Toys
- Wooden boxes
- Dirty plastic dishes


- Newspapers, magazines, comic books, notebooks, books
- Tetra Pak containers for food and beverages
  (juices, milk, wine, cream, tomato)
- Cartons for eggs
- Paper and commercial printing
- Wavy cardboard packaging
- Cases, containers and cardboard sleeves
- Cardboard boxes
- Boxes and medicine leaflets

- Items other than papers
- Containers of hazardous products
- Synthetic papers, carbon paper, laminated, oiled and chemical paper
  (such as receipts)

- Dirty paper, cardboard and paperboard
  (like pizza boxes)

Recycling centers

Waste that cannot be placed in the street containers should be taken to the recycling centers in the area managed by Veritas SpA.

List of recycling centers