Management, collection, selection and recovery of recycling waste
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Non-reusable fractions

The chances of recovery of "non-reusable fractions"

In the process of collection and selection of multi-material, after that the materials are selected and sent to other plants for the subsequent stages of recovery, some dry fractions are left over, referred to as "non-reusable fractions".

These are in fact the product of the various processes of selection and cleaning. ECO-RICICLI VERITAS monitors continuously its breakdown, varying according to the multi-material input, to evaluate the best means of further recovery.

The non-reusable fractions can be further selected to separate aggregates and glass (to be used for inert recovery/disposal), additional metal fractions and plastics (extra field COREPLA), recoverable in some production areas. Always following the selection in order to optimize the recovery of materials, they can also be used for energy recovery as fuel in the thermic process of energy production, since they often have a sufficiently high calorific value. However, it requires further treatment to become CDR (waste-derived fuel), process that is carried out at the different plants of the Veritas group (Ecoprogetto Venezia). Such process allows avoiding the use of fossil fuels and reducing the emission of CO2. As you can easily guess, the approach of ECO-RICICLI VERITAS considers as a priority to collect and separate the different materials as efficient as possible, in order to increase the percentage of recoverable fractions.